Wednesday, August 7, 2013


22 April, 2012 - This little baby smiles a lot these days and it makes her mama very happy. Her eyes light up so beautifully when she smiles and I always look forward to going home everyday just so I can cuddle my baby again. I took pictures of her everyday because she seems to grow too fast. I want to capture all these special moments of her and being able to reminisce them for many years to come.

Wearing her new sleeveless onesie from Aunty YL

Taken at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza while having breakfast with my friend, CP

What's new @13th weeks:

- she's always happy and smiling
- only cries when she's tired or hungry
- enjoy playtime before goes to bed
- wake up smiling at me every morning
- knows how to roll to her side and onto her belly
- try to lifts up her head when lying down
- loves watching tv
- choose to bite her hands over a pacifier
- very active and kicks a lot.....she kicked me a few times in the stomach and it surely

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