Monday, December 23, 2013

First Photoshoot

10/17/2012 - We had a photo shoot at a friend's house when Abby was 9 months old. We are blessed that she loves the camera and know just when to smile. But at this age, she can no longer sit quietly so my friend had to be quick in snapping, one after another. Our job was to make sure that she doesn't fall down from the sofa but unfortunately we couldn't prevent it and Abby had a minor fall. She cried a bit, I comforted her and she's back to her normal self in no time. She's definitely a trooper! 

Our first official photo shoot :)

I love this the was candid yet beautiful! Abby fell on her left face and cried a bit, so I comforted her and gave her a kiss. Thanks to my friend who was quick in capturing this precious moment of us!

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  1. She's gonna grow up to be one heart breaker… such a pretty little one!