Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To The Park We Go......

Aidan and Chloe came to visit us two weekends ago and we brought the kids to the park just nearby our house. This park that we went, I didn't even know it existed as it is fairly new and it is tucked away behind some expensive condominiums. I was pretty impressed as the place is equipped with hammock, fancy monkey bars and such that it look almost like a military camp. It isn't that suitable for kids like Abby's age but the older kids surely had fun.

Despite the impressive equipments, I will not consider of going there again....reason being is that there are a bunch of inconsiderate (idiot) people who rode their bikes (as in motorbikes) in the park and it is so dangerous when you have kids running (blindly) around. The whole time we were there, I kept a watchful eyes on Abby for fear of her safety. They should have put up a sign that says no motorbikes are allowed in the park. What were these people thinking?! Next time we shall go to a proper playground.

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