Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 26

7/28/2012 - These pictures were taken after a visit to the doctor's clinic. No, she's not ill but just there for her vaccination. We were in the car and to keep her entertained in her car seat, I played peekaboo with her. She was really happy and laughed really loud. Truly blessed to have a happy baby!

Shortly after the visit, Abby developed thrush. She had a really bad nappy rash that I've never seen before and it won't go away no matter what kind of ointment I applied on her. I can even see white spots in her mouth. So I did some searching on the internet and her symptoms are similar to those that found in thrush. So another visit to the doctor's clinic in inevitable. After some examination by Dr Goh, it was confirmed that Abby had thrush. She prescribed some medication and it took about two weeks for the the thrush to completely gone. I told hubby that I suspected the toys in the clinic were not clean as Abby played with them and even put her hand in her mouth. I learned from that incident and I always sanitize her hand or make sure she doesn't put things in her mouth whenever we are in the clinic/hospital.

 Oh that pair of eyes captured my heart every single time!

I can't believe my eyes when she tried to snatch that mug of beer from my friend! Oh, don't tell me she inherited the gene from her papa *shudder*

She can already sit on her own without support but only for a short while before she plopped herself onto the bed....lol.

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