Thursday, September 19, 2013


4 June, 2012 - The many cute expressions of my precious baby! Me and the hub is having our favorite wan than mee for breakfast and Abby was so co-operative. She did not make any fuss at all. Wish I could say the same about her right


27 May, 2012 - Poor baby got bitten on the left arm by some nasty bug that left her with a big red patch around her armpit area. It must have been very itchy but this happy baby was able to smile when she saw her mummy flashed her camera phone in front of her. This was taken right after her morning bath, posing with her ducky towel.

26 May, 2012 - At four months old, she was able to sit upright but only for a short while. I remember how excited she was to sit on the sofa and giggled non-stop. I had to be quick before she plop herself onto the sofa again. They grow up too fast and it is moment like this that I hope to remember forever.