Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 26

7/28/2012 - These pictures were taken after a visit to the doctor's clinic. No, she's not ill but just there for her vaccination. We were in the car and to keep her entertained in her car seat, I played peekaboo with her. She was really happy and laughed really loud. Truly blessed to have a happy baby!

Shortly after the visit, Abby developed thrush. She had a really bad nappy rash that I've never seen before and it won't go away no matter what kind of ointment I applied on her. I can even see white spots in her mouth. So I did some searching on the internet and her symptoms are similar to those that found in thrush. So another visit to the doctor's clinic in inevitable. After some examination by Dr Goh, it was confirmed that Abby had thrush. She prescribed some medication and it took about two weeks for the the thrush to completely gone. I told hubby that I suspected the toys in the clinic were not clean as Abby played with them and even put her hand in her mouth. I learned from that incident and I always sanitize her hand or make sure she doesn't put things in her mouth whenever we are in the clinic/hospital.

 Oh that pair of eyes captured my heart every single time!

I can't believe my eyes when she tried to snatch that mug of beer from my friend! Oh, don't tell me she inherited the gene from her papa *shudder*

She can already sit on her own without support but only for a short while before she plopped herself onto the bed....lol.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

WEEK 25: First Swim

7/22/2012 - When Abby was almost 6 months old, Josie and I planned for a swimming date with her then 6 months old son, Lucas. I was surprised that Abby wasn't afraid of water at all, either that or she was too young understand what fear is. The float belongs to Josie but it was a tad too big for Lucas so Abby get to play with it instead.

Okay, we were trying to be funny here as we hid behind our babies. Look at their expression! Abby was like "what the heck are our mommies doing" and Lucas was like "beats me"! Lol!

Abby waddled slowly towards me........

Credit: photos by Pixous Photography

Thursday, November 7, 2013


At around 6 months old, Abby was ready for solid food. She showed interest in food and I remember how proud I was when she knows how to eat from a spoon. She had never tasted anything before except my breast milk.

I am so ever thankful to be able to give the best food to Abby since birth. But there was one time when my supply dwindled and I was forced to feed her with formula. My milk just wasn't enough to last her for a day and so, with a heavy heart, I drag myself to the supermarket and bought a small tin of formula. Thank God my supply came back shortly after. What a relief!

Back to the solid food. I knew a lot of mothers who started introduce solid food to their babies with pureed fruits and vegetables but I didn't do exactly that. Instead, I started with organic rice cereal (without added sugar) mix with my breast milk and Abby was a happy camper. Two weeks after her first taste of rice cereal, we started introduce porridge to her and she loves it!

I never blend her porridge but only mashed them with a spoon when I fed her. My mom would go berserk if I blend her porridge because she say that often stirred porridge will give you wind (Chinese loves to associate gassy stomach with wind). What more blended porridge! Not sure if this is a myth but I heed her advice anyway.

(Photo taken 7/16/2012 - My little angel with her dirty face)